Nina Goriaeva


 stylist for Stara šola butik 

 My name is Nina, I am a blogger, expert in sustainable fashion and eco-stylist. I work in Stara Šola boutique and coordinate online sales. 

My journey started in 2019 when I came to Slovenia as a volunteer. 

“Before Slovenia I used to be a successful lawyer in Russia, I attended courts and won cases. I worked for a big company and defended its interests. One day I got sick and tired of doing it because my values ​​didn’t match the values ​​of the company. I wanted my activities to be connected with ecology, because this is an urgent agenda, and it is important to act now, not later. 

So I quit my job and came to Slovenia with a European Solidarity Corps program. I fell in love with this country. In Slovenia, I realized how cool second-hand can be, and I became interested in a sustainable fashion. 

To be well dressed and also eco-aware is more than possible. The secret is to choose creativity instead of consumption.

My story

Being engaged in second-hand in Slovenia, I saw with my own eyes how much unnecessary we buy, and then it does not disappear anywhere but continues to poison the environment. I delved deeper into the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, and was quite shocked and surprised that the negative impact was so enormous. 

Since then I’ve chosen the direction in which I want to become a professional.  

Today I’m an eco-stylist. I help to create a clever and functional wardrobe, where every item will work and everything will match with each other.

I will never say that half of the things need to be thrown away, just because they are no longer in trend. I will try to make the most out of them and fit them into the wardrobe because even a non-trend item can be worn and still look modern. 

It is important that the wardrobe suits you, makes you look beautiful, and also serves for a long time. In this way, an eco-stylist helps, among other things, to significantly reduce the ecological footprint with the help of your wardrobe. 

The situation when you open a closet and have nothing to wear is probably familiar to every woman. But the point is – often we have no idea how much power our wardrobes have. In almost every wardrobe you can create cool outfits from what you already have in your closet. And this is the most sustainable way to be dressed because the most sustainable piece of clothing is the piece that you already have.