Ammar Kachar

 graphic designer

creator of upcycled collection RED 

 Ammar Kachar is a visual artist from Skopje, North Macedonia. In 2018 he finishes academy for visual arts in Skopje. That same year he establish „REД studio.

„REД“ is a graphic design studio where it works with redesign on clothes, redesign an art products and graphic design.

Its basic postulate is to be authentic, recognizable and creative in the way of expression. This studio does not aim to leave anyone indifferent, on the contrary, it wants to imagine us with different possibilities of functioning in life, different views or some beautiful worlds for this planet.

He describes himself as a creator of contemporary contexts, socially responsible and committed to social tendencies. Often, his creations show the artist in his daily life, show his, but also everyone’s hunger for fun, for being his own, for not giving in to life’s challenges, and the desire to accept ourselves as we are, fragile, vulnerable, but also strong.

„REД studio also creates designs with activist messages, as an inevitably important segment of the artist’s life.

My story

The designer behind the studio “RED” uses two typographies in the name of the studio, ie Latin and Cyrillic letters with the idea of ​​shifting from one design to another.

That is why it is called  „REД (Order in english) , which has several meanings: „REД“ (Order) as the establishment of artistic „REД (order) in the general chaos of society and as a redesign of clothes or redesign of people.

The idea behind the collection of 16 pieces of clothing that we present on Collection KNOF is to reuse pieces of clothing that are no longer attractive to the human eye as well as to present the idea of ​​recycling existing pieces.

The inspiration of the collection of 16 pieces is the color of life, a color that we need and want. By giving the designers stamp ,it is given the uniqueness of the individual who wears the pieces of clothing.

Color me in is the name of the collection of redesigned pieces of clothing.

The designer uses three different techniques for this collection, namely embroidery, print illustrations and material painting.

In the whole process of work or zero waste material, the designer gets inspiration from the given different materials by combining them.